Readers’ place | Telecommuting and home schooling: smiles despite everything

The reconciliation of home schooling and teleworking has caused many headaches in recent days for parents (and children), but it is sometimes possible to capture a funny or resilient moment, as many readers have pointed out to us this week. week. We publish some photos received.

“My spouse and I both teach French in high school, and our children still go to elementary school. With distance learning, that’s a lot of people sharing the bandwidth! We all can’t wait to get back to class, even if sometimes the remote work gives rise to beautiful scenes, like when the girls are sharing the dining room table… ”

Yan Courtemanche

“There are ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages for both parents and children. We try to focus more on the benefits. My 6 year old daughter Charlie, who is in first grade, prefers to home school with her little dog by her side, her big sister, her cat and her parents close by. There is just Mom who finds it difficult to juggle these different roles: teacher’s assistant, activity planner for breaks, cook, diver, besides work. Phew! Not easy on the mental load. […] Bravo for your resilience, children! Bravo for the patience of the teachers! And parents, courage, strength and honor! ”

Brigitte Cardinal

“Here is a photo of my daughter Elizabeth, 7, who has improvised as a yoga teacher. She is in first grade and she has classes for an hour or an hour and a half in the morning, and the same in the afternoon. Since the rest of the time she has to keep moving a bit or reading, she decided to show her friends how to do yoga thanks to her book which introduces her to different poses. It’s fun to see how children adapt to the context and will quickly copy what they see from adults. ”

Mario Mora Soto

“Here, it’s work at home, school at home and… daycare at home! Baby toddler wanted to participate in the virtual school with the adults. It lasted two minutes. I had time to answer three emails and heat up my coffee. But not to drink it. Pictured: Nico, 4, in kindergarten, Loralie, 20 months, in daycare, and Noah, 7, in second grade. ”

Camille Beaulieu

“Organization and letting go are part of teleworking with two parent teachers and three children in virtual education! Each child has their own space and works independently. ”

Emilie Aube-Pomerleau

“On the first day of school at home, we were still on vacation in a beautiful large chalet at Domaine du Radar. The girls were happy to resume lessons on site. Our rental ending the same day, during the lunch break we returned home. We arrived just in time for the resumption of classes in the afternoon. Homeschooling allows for flexibility! ”

Ariane Plaisance

“We are a “small” blended family with seven children. Five of them are in elementary school, one is in high school and the eldest is in CEGEP, not to mention mom working from home! Distance education is above all a headache as regards the quantity of electronic devices which are necessary (computer or tablet for each one) and concerning the management of the space necessary for each one… but what enjoy hearing them interact with their teachers and friends! ”

Marie-Helene Lepine

“I didn’t remember that our little casserole’s class this morning was physical education. A hellish uproar emanated from his room and I went upstairs to see what was going on… I quickly went to get my camera to immortalize his little lulus jumping! As a proud mom, I give her an A for participation! ”

Lynda Champagne

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