Rappi replied to Kel Calderón after accusing that a delivery man kept an order for $ 80 thousand

Great commotion caused the accusation of Kel Calderón against the delivery application Rappi: One of the delivery men would have stolen one of their orders, which was valued at 80 thousand pesos.

If they are stolen, the app washes its hands. It will not help you at all“said the daughter of Raquel Argandoña in her Instagram stories, evidencing the large number of messages she received from social network users telling her that they went through the same situation.

In a statement that had exclusive access TimeX, Rappi, the delivery application involved, said that they are already contacting Kel Calderón to solve the controversial episode.

“Given the situation reported by the user through social networks, from Rappi we have contacted her to provide a prompt solution. We are making the pertinent inquiries about the fact, in order to be able to take the corresponding measures, “the application announced hours after learning of the situation.

So far, Kel Calderón still does not refer to the company’s statement, although the serious complaint is still on his social networks.

Here is Kel Calderón’s serious complaint against a Rappi application dispatcher

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