Rapper YNW Melly will be released from prison in the next few months, says the artist’s manager

YNW Melly may be coming home soon, according to his manager

Florida rapper, YNW Melly, you may finally be on your way home. According to his manager 100K Track, the “Murder on my Mind” rapper is set to be released from prison within the next two months. This comes after the release of the new 100K Track song โ€œRingsโ€, which was released last week.

Track, who is the entrepreneur of YNW Melly and former King Von manager, updated his Stories on Instagram and revealed that Melly is supposedly on her way home. “Stop asking me if I’m a rapper now,” Track complained on social media. “I’m anything but a hater, I’m with you guys in 2022 full of gas and Melly comes home in two months, you better get ready.”

The date lines up with Melly’s upcoming trial, which is due to begin in March. The rapper has been in jail for nearly three years on double murder charges after being accused of shooting and killing two YNW associates, YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy, real names Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr.

Melly is also accused of manipulating the crime scene to look like the youths were murdered by rivals. Rumors are that prosecutors are requesting DNA and measures to recreate the crime scene during the trial. We will keep you posted when these rumors are confirmed.

Throughout his imprisonment, Melly has communicated with his fans through his manager, releasing an album behind bars and reminding his fans he loves them as they patiently wait for his return.

See the entrepreneur’s post below:

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