Rapper Kyan replies “false rap fans” after being arrested and leaving the police station acquitted

Kyan was disappointed by many fans who defended the cops

We reported yesterday that the rapper Kyan was arrested in the early hours of Monday (13), in Praia Grande (SP). A friend of the musician, audiovisual producer Lucas Zetre performed live on the rapper’s Instagram profile, following the occurrence. The artist has just been released. At the end of the night, he went to his social networks and posted several stories about the subject, mainly in relation to how the rap audience reacted to this news.

“I stopped now to read some comments. What is happening with the RAP audience? Are the guys saying that the approach and abuse of power is normal because I committed a traffic violation? If you like PM and Kyan, just like the PM please. We’re water, they’re oil… ‘Sir, your tire is out of calibration, I’m going to need to handcuff you and throw you in the van, call for backup and take you to the nearest police station immediately, you bad guy’”, fired the artist, who also thanked Adidas , a brand that sponsors you for giving all the necessary support at the time.

“And I want to thank Adidas for all the support they sent me internally, much more than a sponsorship, they close with the Kyan in everything… And if you think this is “positive” media, at least not so much on the street, only those who are in the favela on a daily basis, you know how bad it is to be marked by these guys. May God protect me from the envy, evil eye and oppression of the Military Police”, he said.

No instagram Kyan he started by thanking the fans for their support and saying that the outcome would certainly have been different if he hadn’t been known.

The rapper also said he was uncomfortable with the situation and saw abuse of authority by the police, with a structural racism “He didn’t even know why he was handcuffing me, but we know why.” Still according to Kyan at the police station, the policeman himself laughed at the situation and released him without even signing any charges.

Check out the rapper’s post:

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