Rapper Kodak Black Proves What Really Happened At A Hockey Game After Fans Thought He “Was Having Sex”

Many fans became convinced Kodak Black was “having sex” during a recent hockey game in Florida after footage appeared to show him getting intimate with a woman in the stands – but he’s since proven that everything was not as it seems, after posting another clip from a different angle:

The 24-year-old rapper was watching the Florida Panthers take on the Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday, Jan.12 when he got a little distracted.

According to The Independent, Kodak and his mate started the game by engaging with fans, but eventually ditched their ringside seats to move on to a sequel at the FLA Live Arena – where things got a bit better. heated.

A person sitting across the stadium timed the pair and started filming, zooming in to show the seemingly NSFW action taking place.

Credit: Twitter / @ David954FLA
Credit: Instagram / Kodak Noir
Credit: Instagram / Kodak Noir

“I think Kodak found something better to do at the Panthers game,” one Twitter user said. @David954FLA wrote posting the clip.

The footage appears to show the woman bending over as Kodak… let’s say kisses her from behind.

Reposting the video, a social media user commented, “Why is Kodak Black having sex in an arena? Isn’t that a crime? Someone please lock it up thx. “

Another said: “This Kodak Black dude has sex at a hockey game next to the owners section. WTF “

But it turns out things weren’t enough As X-rated as they looked, as Kodak himself proved when he posted a clip of the moment from a different perspective, writing on Instagram: “Fly lifestyle”.

Credit: Instagram / Kodak Noir
Credit: Instagram / Kodak Noir

According to The Sun, the woman in the footage is her fiancé Mellow Racks, who was just giving her hockey fan partner a little twerk.

Sharing the Kodak video on Twitter, another user clarified, “Calm down, she was just twerking everyone LOL. ”

Another added: “She was just relaxing. ”

A third echoed, “Kodak Black was NOT having sex at the Florida Panthers game. He was just dancing. “

That day, Black also amused sports fans when his shorts fell off as he was hanging out with the audience for a bit, with images of the embarrassing moment arriving on TikTok.

Thankfully, he didn’t look too ashamed in the clip as he pulled them off with a laugh – he later posted the images to his own Instagram as well.

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