Rapper César Di Arruda releases debut track, check out “Prayer”

This week, Pernambuco rapper Cesar Di Arruda released his first track “Oração”.

The single is produced by Itoo and is accompanied by a music video under the direction of Netinho Mello by Dn Films. The single is available on all digital platforms. “The name of the song is PRAYER. Because it really is a conversation I have with God and in return I leave a message for everyone who hears talking about the promises of God according to the gospel of Christ and talking about the temptations of life” he explains.

“I explored this a lot, because as a teenager I spent a lot of time following the gospel and I consider all the learning I learned there to be extremely important for who I have become today.” tells the rapper in a conversation with Rap Mais.

“I sent the lyrics to another producer friend, who I met on the internet, he liked it a lot and sent me his address so I could go there and record it happened very quickly. I even looked for others, but they didn’t pay much attention. As I say in the song: every time it went wrong, I’m aware it wasn’t my turn.” details the artist about the creation of the track” concludes.

Júlio Cesar Gomes de Arruda, better known as DI ARRUDA or Cesar Di Arruda, started his career this year. For a year, César had been writing poems and had a very positive feedback, so he became interested and in love with music. Today the artist releases his first track called “Prayer” where he makes a mention of Psalm 91:11 that he has been carrying with him since forever.

Check it out below:

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