Ramón Cortéz and the mural of Messi in its maximum splendor

Like in the last 50 days, again Ramón “Moncho” Cortez He arrives on his pink bicycle at the corner of Belgrano and Vélez Sarsfield.

Ramón Cortéz and the mural of Messi in its maximum splendor

9:05 am on Monday post-election STEP, this time his arrival is different, more relieved, happy and even proud of himself. The mural is already in its maximum splendor, he finished his great work, the one that transformed the corner of the downtown area of ​​the city, only, by its own merit, without the help of any politician or party. Transcending.

In front of the mural, on the other side of the street, a construction site, covered with expensive posters of candidates for the elections that left and others that will come in two months.

The paradox is shown in that street crossing scene. On the one hand, the masterpiece of “Monchito”, extolling the importance of art and crying out for artists to be valued; on the other, proselytizing posters of the highest value, after a disinterested choice. Of course, the gaze of all those who circulate in that area is towards the work of art.

“It took a lot of time, work, effort and dedication. I didn’t think it was going to be so spectacular, because in principle it was going to be a single Messi drawing, then I realized that it was very empty I decided to do it on the entire wall ”, says Ramón Cortez, 31, while his gaze looks continues to amaze the mural that he achieved.

“The idea of ​​paying tribute to Messi had been cranking her up before they were champion of the Copa América. So the following Monday after obtaining the cup I grabbed the bike and went out to look for a wall. So when I asked, I arrived with the owner of the company at the corner of Belgrano and Vélez Sarsfield and he authorized me ”, he recalled.

Despite the fact that his work transformed a corner that was forgotten and went unnoticed in the downtown area of ​​the city, “Moncho” did not receive a weight from any political space.

‘Moncho’ finished the mural of Messi: “This work has to make the artists of the city value”

“I consider that the importance of things when one does it out of love and passion. It was not given that they pay me, that’s why I do it for free, I like it and I dedicate it, ”said the art teacher.

“I wanted to give the city a gift. I did not expect such an impact, I am surprised that it has such a stir. It is something that I could do and that the city values ​​it so much causes me enormous pride ”, the art teacher expressed emotionally.

“It is very good that people come, take photos and say that they are going to take care of him. That means that they value the work I do and what I want to convey arrives.

United the two passions

In a previous interview, Cortez said that he was a footballer and stood out in his hooking role, but life led him to dedicate himself to art. With this work he managed to unite his two passions: football and art.

“I am lucky to be able to do what I like, to be able to develop in that. This time I can unite my two passions and obviously by doing so I only developed my idea, without anyone interfering and having any objection about it, “he said.

He was thinking of doing Lionel Messi with the blue shirt first, in an iconic photo after losing the 2014 final, when the star was watching the World Cup that eluded him. “First I made that drawing, but later it occurred to me that the mural had to tell something. And I decided to tell the good and bad part of Messi ”, he remarked.

For this reason, he decided to portray different images of Rosario with special stages defending the Argentine colors, since the last consecration of the Copa América, the 2014 World Cup, the debut in the Argentine Youth Team, and even when he was a child with the Newells shirt.

“I saw that Lionel was making a great effort to obtain something with the national team and although it was not given to him, he never lowered his arms. He deserved recognition,” said the artist.

Revalue art

Many artists in the city have long demanded that the State economically recognize the work of these talents that embellish the city and transmit identity.

“Art comes to break in, to transform and re-signify things. This is an example, when one feels like it and puts a lot of effort into it, it can be done ”, he explained.

“Monchito” spent very cold days, he put aside some jobs that did pay him, to be able to advance with this gift to the city. “There were mornings when it was very cold and being on top of the stairs painting was quite complicated,” he commented, recalling that when he traveled the streets on a bicycle with the huge staircase, many people honked at him to make him run out of the way. Today most congratulate him and thank him for his work.

“I wanted to give the city a gift. That it means a before and after in the artistic part so that he begins to value art as it is. I know many colleagues who have been working for many years and do not have the recognition they deserve ”, considered Ramón.

“Hopefully this changes the paradigm of the valuation of art. Now they have it as a commitment in the city and it shouldn’t be like that. Art causes posterity, transcendence, we pass by and what remains is what we leave behind, ”he emphasized.

In this sense, Cortez asked: “That the artist be valued as such, that the city be re-signified. In some way we are what others see, what better than to see art. Art should be well paid because it gives the city another essence ”.

Seven weeks and more than 60 hours

The wonderful work took Ramón Cortez up to a month and a half, and more than 60 hours of work: “I always found something for him, and for it to look good you have to be a little picky and meticulous,” he recalled.

He also explained that to make the background he needed about 10 or 12 liters of paint, and to make the figures about 8 liters more.

“I took the project to Rincón de Colores and they generally support this type of work. The owner of Las Cañitas also approached me because he saw that I was doing it and supported me with the materials, ”he said.

He dreams that Messi sees him

Ever since the drawing began to take shape, anyone who passed the front noticed that it was going to be a great job. So much so that before finalizing it, the mural had a lot of impact on social networks and the images have been flying around the web for days.

Cortez dreams of Messi seeing the tribute he paid him: “I don’t think I will come to see him here, but I would like him to see it from the photos at least. It would be something that I would be proud to see that people love it, “he said.

“Families come to take photos and shout, let’s go, Leo. It’s good that people know that they appreciate Lionel a lot and on the day that Argentina becomes champion, many of us are excited for him, “he said.

A recognition from the Council

Days ago, the councilor of the Frente de Todos, Andrés Romero, presented a project for the Deliberative Council of San Francisco to recognize the work done by the young Cortez. However, this recognition did not mean any type of financial or material aid, it was merely symbolic.

“Thank God I did not have any financial support from the Municipality or from the Council, because I believe that if I obtained some monetary benefit from the municipal part, this which I wanted to do was also distorted, which is a gift,” he said.

“Although we artists do not live off air, we have to eat, pay taxes and this took a lot of time and I put aside some jobs that did pay me, but the effort was worth it,” the young man acknowledged.

Ramón Cortéz and the mural of Messi in its maximum splendor

The Messi mural made by Monchito.

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