Raffa Moreira celebrates Children’s Day by distributing toys in the community of Guarulhos

Raffa gave me social duty for the children of Guarulhos

Raffa Moreira, without a shadow of a doubt, is one of the pioneers of the trap in the cultural scene here in Brazil. Everyone who minimally follows the national rap scene recognizes that Raffa was one of the most important names in Trap’s growth in Brazil, being one of the first artists to fully bet on the sound and aesthetics of the sound that came from Atlanta in the United States.

Besides the musical part, Raffa is also a great example for her community in the social part. Yesterday (12), which was commemorating both the day of Brazil’s patron saint, Nossa Senhora Aparecida, and the children’s day. The artist used all his influence to distribute toys in the Coqueiro favela, which is located in Guarulhos.


Raffa has recently become a national agenda, as journalist Zeca Camargo highly praised Raffa Moreira’s work. Zeca Camargo exclaimed, very excited, saying “I’ve never heard anything like this, it’s absolutely exceptional”, he said excitedly, praising the song and ending the frame with an excerpt from the clip.

Zeca Camargo always brings cultural news on social media. The highlight is certainly the tips guided by the slogan “swimming against algorithms”. That is, thinking “outside the box”. The artist from Garulhos, being in this space is a big step in his career.

Check out the gift delivery video below:

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