Radiant: Belinda showed off her beauty with a total black outfit

Belinda This past Tuesday he greeted his father on the occasion of his birthday with a tender message on social networks. The 29-year-old Mexican singer and actress left a heartfelt message to her father Ignacio Peregrín.

“Dad I love you more than anyone in this world! I feel very proud to be your daughter “and” “I wish it to be a great year full of beautiful moments together like all the ones you have given me” were the two messages from Belinda, which were accompanied by two photos with his father in black and white.

In the last hours, Belinda shared several photos on his official account Instagram that dazzled a large part of its millions of followers around the world. There you can see the Mexican singer showing off all her beauty before the camera. The Aztec wore a total black outfit consisting of a blazer with gold buttons, a minidress, pantyhose and dark sunglasses. In addition, the beautiful blonde complemented her look with her hair collected and a delicate make up.

Two simple emojis of black hearts and one white was the short epigraph he chose Belinda to accompany his recent snapshots on the popular little camera network.

Source: Instagram Belinda

As expected, this post that has as its only protagonist the fiancée of Christian Nodal It was quickly filled with likes, easily surpassing the barrier of 197 thousand hearts. In addition, the post of the interpreter of “Light without gravity” obtained dozens of comments of compliment and affection, towards her magnificent beauty and her chosen look, from her most loyal followers.

Source: Instagram Belinda
Source: Instagram Belinda


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