Racing tied it to San Lorenzo in the discount



But already in injury time and after a short rejection by the Barça defense, Nery Domínguez grabbed the ball from overpique and goalkeeper Sebastián Torrico from Mendoza could not avoid the draw.


Now Rosario Central is coming to San Lorenzo in the Gigante de Arroyito and Racing will have the great opportunity to cut advantages with those from above when it receives Talleres, from Córdoba, that if it beats Platense tomorrow it will also reach Lanús at the top of the championship with 23 units.



San Lorenzo 1: Sebastián Torrico; Gino Peruzzi, Alejandro Donatti, Marcelo Herrera, Bruno Pittón and Nicolás Fernández Mercau; Siro Rosané, Néstor Ortigoza and Alexis Sabella; Ezequiel Cerutti and Franco Di Santo. DT: Paolo Montero.

Racing Club 1: Gabriel Arias; Juan Cáceres, Leonardo Sigali, Nery Domínguez and Eugenio Mena; Fabricio Domínguez, Aníbal Moreno and Tomás Chancalay; Lisandro López; Javier Correa and Enzo Copetti. DT: Claudio Úbeda.

Goals: in the second half: 12m. Sabella (SL). In the second half: 45 + 3m. Nery Domínguez (R).

Changes: in the second half: 18m. Yeison Gordillo for Ortigoza (SL) and Matías Rojas for Chancalay (R), 29m. Agustín Hausch for Cerutti (SL), 26m. Darío Cvitanich for Correa (R) and Carlos Alcaraz for Cáceres (R); 38m Maximiliano Lovera by Fabricio Domínguez (R); 44m. Agustín Martegani by Sabella (SL) and Alexander Diaz by Di Santo (SL).

Admonished: Cerutti and Gordillo (SL). Nery Domínguez (R).

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