Quiniela de la Provincia: results of the First today, Thursday, October 14

The draw for the First of this Thursday, October 14, Quiniela of the Province. The first place went to 6471, followed by 4111 and the 2178 in third position.

The first ten places are completed with the 4809, the 1710, the 9952, the 4505, the 8691, the 9020 and the 9894.

The complete list included, from the 11th to the 20th prize, the following numbers: 1046, 0189, 6745, 0653, 2004, 5659, 7616, 6041, 3703 and 9414.

Chronicazo of this week: do not bet on the pool without first seeing the hues

Every Tuesday Chronicle it brings you the hunch that is impossible not to follow. In this way, the Chronicle it became infallible and repeats every week. Do you want to know what to play this week in the Lottery?

This fixed, added to others like “A Gypsy told me ” maintain an enviable streak and do not stop coming out in the different draws on the board of the pools.

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Check the chronic of each week Cronicazo “target =” _ blank “> by clicking here.

How many draws of the Quiniela de la Provincia are held per day?

The draws of the Province Lottery They are held four times during the day: the First (at 12 noon), the Morning (at 2.30 pm), the Evening (5.30 pm) and the Night (at 9 pm).

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