Quilmes: Sergio Berni’s lapidary revelation about one of the detainees

The Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Sergio Berni, revealed that one of those arrested for the murder of Lucas Ivan Cancino (17), occurred this morning in Quilmes, had been arrested for an armed robbery in late July, but he was released 4 days later.

“Nothing new, always the same. People with antecedents who were already imprisoned. One of them for the crime of stealing a bicycle. I saw the books of the detainee guards and I saw that one of them entered arrested on July 24, at 20.12, for qualified robbery for the use of a weapon. Do you know when he was released? In less than four days, “he lamented Berni in dialogue with the press.

“It seems to me that beyond the responsibility and deficits that we have in the Police, someone has to discuss in Argentina how a person was arrested and detained for robbery and in four days he was released. We all know that they start by stealing something minor, a cell phone, a bicycle and sometimes we end up with a totally unjustified unfortunate death, “added the Buenos Aires minister.

Lucas Iván Cancino (17) was assassinated this morning in the Buenos Aires town of Quilmes.

Two young men were detained for the murder of the teenager, which occurred this morning in Quilmes. The detained They were identified as Rodrigo Rivas, nicknamed “Chancho”, who is identified as the material perpetrator of the crime and would have a history of robbery; and Nazareno Mejía, nicknamed “Convulsion”.

Both went arrested on the street. “Convulsion” was arrested when the troops went to his home, near the murder site, and captured him as he was leaving the scene.

The teenager was killed in front of his grandparents’ house.

Meanwhile, “Chancho” was hiding around his home when he was arrested. After his arrest, investigators raided his home and found a knife, which will be examined to confirm if it was the weapon he used to kill Cancino.

The violent event was recorded this morning, at 8, when Lucas Ivan Cancino He was on his way to school and was robbed at the door of his grandparents’ house. The assailants tried to steal his bicycle and stabbed him in the chest in the middle of a struggle.

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