Queiroz says he dreams of being friends with Bolsonaro again

Retired military policeman Fabrício Queiroz, accused of having operated an alleged wage return scheme in the former office of senator Flávio Bolsonaro (Patriota-RJ), said this Tuesday (23) that he dreams of becoming friends with President Jair Bolsonaro again .

“God willing, I will prove my innocence. My dream is to become friends with the president again”, he said in an interview with SBT.

The former advisor to Flávio in the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro stated that, since the disclosure of the “rachadinha” scandal, he has never spoken with Bolsonaro or the senator. Questioned, he denied that he is hurt by the departure. “Not even a little. He is absolutely right. I’m 100% with them”, he said.

In July of this year, Queiroz complained on social media for having been abandoned by allies of the president. Comforted by a friend, he wrote: “My machine gun is full of bullets. Hahahaha”.

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In the publication, the current president and then federal deputy Jair Bolsonaro poses next to Queiroz, deputy Hélio Lopes (PSL-RJ), special advisor to the Presidency of the Republic Max Guilherme Machado de Moura and lawyer Fernando Nascimento Pessoa, parliamentary advisor of the Flávio’s office in the Senate. “IT’S! I haven’t existed for these 3 parrots for a while!”, commented Queiroz.

In an interview with SBT, the former advisor stated that the lawyer Frederick Wassef sheltered him in his office in Atibaia (SP) to protect the president. Queiroz said he had to leave Rio de Janeiro because they wanted to kill him to blame Bolsonaro. “It would be file burning to fall on the president’s account, as happened with Captain Adriano [da Nóbrega, morto durante operação da Polícia Militar da Bahia].”

Friend and former battalion companion of Queiroz, Adriano was appointed head of a militia in Rio de Janeiro. He is also described by the Public Ministry of Rio as having been a member of the alleged “rachadinha” scheme in Flávio’s former cabinet.

The ex-captain, expelled from the Military Police for involvement in the animal game, had his mother and ex-wife named in the president’s son’s office.

Queiroz stated that he does not know Wassef, and that he has only seen him on television. The former adviser said that contact with him was established through one of his lawyers. “He’s the president’s lawyer, have you ever thought about doing this cowardice with me and blaming Jair Bolsonaro? He protected the president and he protected me,” he said.

Queiroz also denied that Wassef was the “Angel” mentioned in messages exchanged with family members at the time he was sheltered in the lawyer’s office. This person was often treated in the dialogues as someone who wanted to control the family’s movements.

The former advisor stated that they used the nickname to protect “Daniel”, a businessman from Atibaia with whom he became friends. This businessman is Daniel Bezerra Carvalho, owner of a convenience store in the region. Carvalho told Jornal Nacional that at times he felt apprehension in his family.

“Sometimes the phone rang and they left. But I don’t know how to detail what, who it was or why”, he stated.

Queiroz also told SBT that there was never a “crack” and that he is a victim of illegalities and procedural fraud. He also stated that he has never been in hiding and that he has no relationship with militias.

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