Queen Elizabeth ll expels her son, the Prince of York from royalty

Queen Elizabeth ll expels her son, the Prince of York, from royalty. | PHOTO: EFE

The situation for him Prince of york, is increasingly complicated, because now the Queen isabel II expelled him from the royalty to face justice on his own without his royal titles, after being denounced for child abuse old victim of trafficking, when she was 17 years old.

Through an urgent communication, the Queen Isabel made known his irrevocable decision to withdraw military titles from his second son, Andrew of York, so that he can face justice as a civilian, without the backing of royalty. That is, he detached himself from him.

“The Duke of York will continue without performing any public function and will defend himself in this case as a private citizen,” the statement issued by Buckingham Palace reads.

In addition, it was announced that the Andrew of York was stripped by the Queen Isabel of his military titles and charitable associations, which will pass to the monarch’s office, so that his son will no longer be treated under the title His Royal Highness, and you will need to defend yourself from your legal problems on your own, like a civilian.

“With the approval and consent of Queen Elizabeth, the military affiliations and royal patronages of the Duke of York were returned to the Queen,” begins the royal statement, which has echoed around the world.

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Despite the Prince of York trying to convince a United States judge to dismiss a civil case in which he is accused of abusing Virginia Giuffre, victim of the American millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was 17 years old at the time.

The abuse victim alleged that the prince abused her, although, due to an agreement that existed between Jeffrey Epstein, who died in 2019, Queen Elizabeth’s son denied the allegations and wanted the case to be dismissed. However, a New York judge ruled that the lawsuit could proceed.

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In the court documents, Giuffre stated that he was a victim of 5exua1 trafficking by the millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, where she was sent on loan to other powerful men to abuse her, directly accusing the brother of the Prince carlos, who defended himself by saying that this did not happen, and that he does not recall ever meeting the accused.

However, during a virtual hearing, the duke of york was classified as a “potential defendant,” so according to Judge Kaplan in New York, it cannot be said that the settlement agreement made by Epstein does not cover a third party, in this case the Prince Andrew.

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