Pure luxury! How was the spectacular mansion that Rocío Marengo and Eduardo Fort shared until last night in a country

Rocío Marengo was going through one of his best moments on television, and it is that after having participated in the first season of MasterChef Celebrity Argentina, became a public favorite in The academy, the new dance space within ShowMatch. But the fight with her partner, Eduardo Fort, put her on the table again.

And boy did he make her the media figure of the day. Today, as always, Rocio speaks and gives people talk. And here we show with datelle luxury his beautiful home in a gated community in the north of Buenos Aires, where he knew how to sleep with Fort.

And it is that despite having threatened to quit the contest before even debuting, the media stomped on the show Marcelo tinelli and he reproached him for some attitudes that he had in recent years.

She also warned that she will be in the competition but that she had a strict request from whoever her boyfriend was Eduardo Fort: do not kiss your track partner.

Outside the cameras, Rocío is also full in her private life, since she has been in a relationship with Eduardo for more than seven years, the businessman known for being the brother of Ricardo.

Although at some point the model shed some tears in the air when talking about the treatments she carried out to become a mother and that did not give results, she was more than happy to be able to share her days with the person she loves and undertake projects together.


So much so, that they have been living together for a long time, and little by little, Marengo was opening the doors of his incredible house where, through his social networks, he showed his favorite spaces of the luxurious home that he shares with his boyfriend.

One of the places where Rocío spends her free time is in the huge park that, in addition to having a large swimming pool, shines with the always neat grass and palm trees that blend with the rest of nature, since there are tall bushes that they limit the lines of the terrain.


The interior of the house is harmoniously combined in light tones, such as white and beige, which cut its monotony with the wooden floors and furniture, which provide a minimalist and warm atmosphere to the eye.

In addition to showing everything neat, Marengo posed next to a large floating shelf unit where he placed his favorite kitchen items, such as utensils, rolling pin, mixer, books and baskets with personal items.

It should be noted that the former MasterChef participant was the one who decided to move to Fort’s house, who also lives with her three children, with whom the model has an excellent relationship.

The kitchen, for its part, stands out as one of Marengo’s favorite places, where it showed its new steel hood and its marble countertop, added to its matching oven and its wooden cupboard where it keeps all the elements for taste a delicious meal.


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