Punta Alta: they raided a house and discovered an arsenal

Arms and ammunition seized this morning by the police during a search carried out in a house in Punta Alta, in the framework of an investigation into the commercialization of narcotics, official sources reported.

The spokesmen pointed out that due to issues related to the judicial case, which is continuing and there are still evidence, the address of the seized property was not reported.

The procedure, requested by the prosecutor Mauricio Del Cero, in charge of the UFIJ N ° 19, and authorized by the Judge of Guarantees N ° 4, Marisa Promé, was carried out by members of the local delegation of Illicit Drugs and the Police of Naval Establishments of Puerto Belgrano.

As indicated, during the property search they seized several firearms, some of them considered military, and a significant amount of ammunition of different calibers.

They mentioned that “no supporting documentation was found authorizing the possession and / or carrying” of the weapons, so they proceeded to seize the items.

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