Public employee caught stealing electricity to mine Bitcoin

Misuse of US$6,000 in electrical energy happened in Suffolk, United States

Illegally mining Bitcoin is nothing new. Even more so in the United States, where even a Starbucks electrical network was illegally used. This time, a public official from Suffolk County, Virginia, was spotted stealing electricity from town hall to mine Bitcoin. According to information disclosed by the The New York Times, the theft of electricity cost about US$ 6.000 to public coffers.

Christopher Naples, who had worked for 21 years as an IT specialist for the city hall, took the opportunity to transform the site into a cryptocurrency mining farm. Despite not having the face to post the theft on TikTok, as some have already done, Naples hid under floorboards and inside electrical panels 46 mining devices.

It was discovered because the excessive amount of mining hardware considerably increased the temperature of the six rooms over which they were distributed. Removed from office and temporarily imprisoned, he was released after confessing that the equipment was his. Naples is responsible for crimes of public corruption, theft, computer hacking and official misconduct. If convicted, he could face up to 15 years in prison.

Lake in New York state gets warmer due to bitcoin mining
The mining company is located on the outskirts of the lake in a small town

Some people are willing the greatest follies for mining, which have even resulted in death. The tragic case of 26-year-old Danai Makmek, who died in Thailand, is just one example of some of the follies people do to mine cryptocurrencies, or rare FIFA cards. In addition, several companies regularly release hardware with greater mining capacity, such as TeamGroup’s SSD T-Create Expert, with high mining capacity from the Chia cryptocurrency.

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Anyway, it’s hard to imagine the audacity of a public official who decides to steal electricity from the city hall, to mine Bitcoin. With the confession that the hardware belongs to Naples, he will most likely be convicted, and will face a lighter sentence after assuming he owns the seized material and being released to respond to the crime in freedom.


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