Psychologist’s Day: "The pandemic gave relevance to the profession"

At national day of Psychologist the graduate Cinthya Molinari spoke with CNN Salta-94.7 Mhz and recounted the challenges they have had from the profession since 2020 with the arrival of the Pandemic. She also recognized that she went from being the “sorceress” of the sciences to having great value.

“The pandemic has given enormous relevance to psychology who used to be the sorceress of science a few decades ago. Today it is undeniable the value and importance that they have, just mentioned, in sport, which improves performance “

Specifically within the framework of the Pandemic, when consulted by CNN Morning, He stressed that what is being seen today was predictable last year. “The pandemic and the quarantine measures that governments have taken to prevent the spread of the virus, we knew it was going to leave sequels, and it is what we are seeing, in 2021 the symptoms of that trauma that we live in 2020. States of anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, insomnia, mental fatigue, exhaustion, you see it in children in schools, when university students have to spend too many hours studying, “explained Molinari.

The lawyer said that the pandemic has awakened, especially in young people, they are the excesses such as “pornography” promptly by WhatsApp and phobias. He warned that the effects of the “quarantine” will last for several years.

“What alarms me in the office are cases related to excessive consumption of pornography. The times on the screen were excessive, we never imagined that this exchange of pornography was going to start, with WhatsApp being the preferred one “also warned the hypersexualization of the people punctually in the adolescents and that entails other problems in the “bond”.

Argentina the most “psychoanalyzed” country in the world

Speaking specifically about his profession and the demand in general terms, he assured that Argentines attend therapy.

“The Argentine is a person who resorts to therapy, psychoanalysis, treatment. There is still enough resistance, psychological treatment is linked to insanity. The truth is that from schools, hospitals it is more natural to consider that certain behaviors should be treated with psychologists, psychiatrists “.

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