Visiting La Araucanía, the presidential letter of the New Social Pact, Yasna Provoste, He maintained that his candidacy invites us to take on the challenges and difficulties that the region has, and affirmed that in a possible government he will promote a process of dialogue, respecting public order and security.

The senator also referred to the polls that place her in third place, below the standard-bearer of Approve Dignity, Gabriel Boric, and the president of Chile Podemos Más, Sebastián Sichel, stating that only the November elections will reflect the will of the citizenship.

Yasna Provoste said that her campaign times have been shorter, but she also accused little visibility of the only candidacy of a woman in the presidential race.

This position was shared by the vice president of the Christian Democracy, Joanna Pérez, who in any case highlighted the relevance of the work that Provoste has carried out in its legislative work.

In the Socialist Party, deputy Manuel Monsalve assured that the experience of the parliamentarian is a fundamental pillar in her candidacy, which would be enhanced by the government program that they have drawn up.

The concern about the position of Yasna Provoste occurs one week before the first presidential debate, in which all the presidential candidacies registered with the Electoral Service will be measured.