During the early hours of this Saturday, a group of hooded men entered the Santa Lucía farm near the downtown area of ​​Cañete, setting fire to 4 homes, 2 warehouses and a dozen vehicles.

In this regard, the provincial delegate of Arauco, Mauricio Alarcon, lowered the profile of the incident, indicating that although “serious”, no shots were fired during the attack, despite the version of the Carabineros assuring the opposite.

“During the early morning, a group of antisocials burned 3 warehouses with merchandise, 7 vehicles and 2 residences. There were no injuries, there were no shots or claims that allow him to be linked in a preliminary way to acts of rural violence “, said Alarcón.

Their statements contradict the own version of the personnel of the 3rd Police Station, who indicated that there were shots in the air as a form of intimidation of the residents.

Alarcón also said that there would be compromised insurance, and that the Carabineros is already investigating to find the identities of the perpetrators.