Protests in various sectors of the city due to the lack of electricity and water

Neighbors from various sectors of the city took to the streets to protest during the afternoon and night of this Thursday due to the lack of electricity and water in the midst of a historical heat wave that does not give truce.

One of the places where mobilizations were generated was in the neighborhood of Villa Harding Green. There, a group of people cut the intersection of Bullrich Street and Route 229 with flaming roofs “fed up with the lack of electricity, water, and garbage collection.” The call was generated by social networks.

Another neighborhood of the city in which they planned to hold demonstrations is the Rucci neighborhood, where for five days more than 600 families have not had a normal water supply.

“The tank does not get to fill because it does not enter water of the network. We need Absa to send us more trucks so that there is a constant flow and the tank can work ”, commented a neighbor to the newsroom of The Compass 24.

“There is only a little water at dawn. We cannot sanitize ourselves or use it to drink, “he added.

At night there was also a street cut in Italy at 1500, where the neighbors burned roofs, because they had been without power since noon and they have not had a response to their complaints.

A similar action was undertaken by other neighbors in the Rotunda 14 de Julio and Juan Pablo II, blocking vehicular circulation in demand for the stable reactivation of electricity service.

This week similar situations were generated in White, Northwest, and several neighborhoods in the north of the city, the most affected by the failure of a Transba transformer that prevents the electrical energy in Bahia from being sufficient for consumption of all households.

To the drafting of The compass Many messages arrived reporting the power outages, as well as complaints from neighborhoods or people where the number of hours without electricity is greater than 24 hours. At 6 a.m. on Friday, there were still hundreds of neighbors without power.

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