Protests in Poland: a sea of ​​European flags

NAfter the judgment of the Polish Constitutional Court on Thursday, according to which the country’s constitution takes precedence over EU law, the discussion about a possibly threatened Polexit, Poland’s departure from the EU, has flared up. On Sunday tens of thousands of supporters of EU membership demonstrated against a Polexit with European flags in numerous cities until late in the evening. Donald Tusk, head of the largest opposition party, the liberal citizens’ platform, called for the protests. On Sunday, Tusk said at a rally in the Polish capital: “Tens of thousands of people in Warsaw and over a hundred cities across Poland have come to protest what this government is doing to our homeland.” He urged people to “defend a European Poland ” on.

Gerhard Gnauck

Political correspondent for Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania based in Warsaw.

The right-wing government wants to dismantle civil rights and unrestrained plunder the public coffers for their own purposes, Tusk said. He called on the opposition forces to find a “common denominator”. Only then will it be possible to keep Poland as part of Europe and “replace these evil rulers”. They wanted to leave the EU in order to be able to “violate democratic rules with impunity”. The rally in front of the Warsaw Royal Castle was disturbed by nationalist counter-demonstrators with loudspeakers. At the same time, commentators close to the government accused the liberal opposition of relying on the power of the “street” or even on rioting and violence.

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