The eastern prosecutor Álvaro Pérez asked formalize the conventional constituent Rodrigo Rojas Vade (former Constituent Town) for the crime of public disorder.

In the beginning, Rojas Vade was to be formalized for this case in September, but was not notified.

Now, the hearing was scheduled for November 30 and it is most likely that they will offer you a conditional suspension of the procedure.

According to a document that Radio Bío Bío had access to, the crime was committed on 25 of May between General Bustamante and Ramón Carnicer streets, a period in which was elected delegate. The Convention became operational on Sunday, July 4.

The police report maintains that Rojas Vade was arrested in flagrante delicto in the streets of the Providencia commune when there were at least 60 people preventing free movement and even initiating a barricade.

At the time of being arrested, Rojas Vade said it was conventional constituent. After being transferred to a police station, he was warned.

“No one is above justice. I think we must all agree on that. He will have to answer for the facts that are imputed to him and he will be able to exercise his defense accordingly, ”said the undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli.

Currently, Rojas Vade is at the center of a controversy after an investigation by La Tercera forced him to admit that never had cancer and that he lied about his diagnosis, his slogan campaign.