Projota says he regretted participating in the BBB

Projota was one of the most canceled of the last edition

After a year of being announced on ‘BBB 21’, project talked about how the show changed his career. In an interview with the newspaper O Globo, the artist said that the confusions he got involved in at the house made him lose professional “friends, fans and contracts”. Despite the losses, the rapper said that he does not blame anyone but himself for the losses accumulated during the reality show.

“I knew ‘Big Brother’ was like that, and I don’t blame anyone but myself. I couldn’t understand that the time there wouldn’t be enough for people to see that there aren’t angels and demons inside, but human beings. And I’m too impulsive. I’ve lost a lot of games in my life, but there it all came at once. I lost the grandmother I was raised by, a dog and a cat. I lost friendships, fans, contracts and prestige, I lost a good part of the foundation that took me 20 years to build. You feel wronged, it’s like a hurricane has passed,” he said. project.

When he had to leave the competition, he still couldn’t write a song about the experience without turning to anger or victimhood. Then, he managed to sum up the feeling in the track Volta, released in 2021 as a single and which addresses ego, humility and cancellation.

“After all, I gained followers, contracts, publicity, things that didn’t happen to me in rap. I managed to humanize my image. I danced axé, put on makeup, played, did everything and a lot of people saw it. Today I can value the BBB. When I left the house, I just thought: ‘Man, what did I go there to do?’”, he said.

“I’m the type to follow the show on Instagram. I can’t say that when BBB22 starts I won’t get excited and watch it, but I find it difficult. Now I have another perspective on all this, it’s impossible to judge anyone. I’m trying to be more balanced in that sense, because you can’t not be on the networks, it’s my job”, concluded the artist.

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