Professional League: Lanús beat Independiente and is the only leader

With a goal from José López, a header, Lanús beat Independiente 1-0 in a hot match and leads the Professional League alone, at least until this Tuesday Talleres plays.

There was a hot climate at the end of the first half when Tomás Belmonte, who had starred in a spicy cross with Alan Velasco, saw the second yellow card for an infraction on Domingo Blanco that did not exist.

With this result, Lanús adds 23 points and was the only leader, at least until Talleres plays, which this Tuesday faces Platense. If the Cordoba team achieves a victory, it will reach the Grante line.

Meanwhile, Red was left with 19 points, third in the table, but there are several teams that can pass it this same date.

In the next round, Lanús will face Newell’s, as a local, while Independiente will visit Huracán.

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