Professional League: Boca and River’s positions on the return of the public to the fields

Photo kindness TyC Sports.

The return of the public to the Argentine soccer fields is getting closer and closer and one of the issues that is under scrutiny is the capacity, which would be 30%. Although the last details will be finished tomorrow, in a meeting to be held to finalize the idea, Boca and River already seem to have taken a position on the issue.

The Xeneize leadership understands that the return of the partners to La Bombonera is necessary, after more than a year and a half of empty stands. Jorge Ameal and company know that with 30% capacity many fans will be left out each game, although they are willing to accept this because the main objective is for the fans to return a Brands 805.

Considering that the Alberto J. Armando Stadium has a capacity for about 54,000 people, approximately 16,000 would be eligible to enter. Boca’s idea is that each tribune of La Bombonera has the same percentage of public, that is to say that both the popular ones, as well as the stalls and the preferential one have 30% of fans.

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Although there is nothing official and it will be necessary to see what happens in the meeting next Thursday, in the Xeneize it is already beginning to speculate about the possible date on which the public will return to La Bombonera and they imagine that it will happen on September 26, when Boca receives Colón de Santa Fe.

For the Millionaire, 30% of the capacity seems to be a headache. It is that its subscribers, who are the ones who would have priority in the return of the public, occupy more than that percentage of the Monumental, which would bring as a consequence the problem of defining who enters the stadium and who does not.

The way to decide this would be through a virtual raffle among those who sign up on a list. The idea is that those who went to a meeting can no longer enter the next draw and thus guarantee that each fan has the possibility of getting their place approximately every three dates.


It is worth remembering that the Monumental has capacity for approximately 70,000 spectators, therefore, if the national government finally authorizes 30% of the capacity, would enter about 21 fans per game. We will have to wait to see if Rodolfo D’Onofrio and company ask for the authorized percentage to be higher or decide to abide by what is decided at the meeting on Thursday.

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