Prisoners of 11J in Holguín planted on hunger strike after trial

At least 10 prisoners of the 11J in Holguín they began a hunger strike in protest against the harsh petitions for sedition that Prosecutor’s office decided to maintain during the recently concluded trial in the People’s Provincial Court this Friday, say sources close to the defendants.

“The 10 prisoners who did not lower the tax petitions have just been planted”, said Mailín Rodríguez, wife of Yosvani Garcia Case who faces a sentence of 30 years in prison. The woman from Holguin specified that “everyone is on a hunger strike” in the Provincial Prison.

In addition to the prisoners “The family we are going to support planted outside”, from the house, said to CiberCuba Idelsys Pupo, mother of William Manuel Leyva Pupo, 20 years old and with request 18 years old.

Likewise, relatives of two more prisoners confirmed that their loved ones have also joined the strike because they consider the result of their judicial process unfair. Of those who remain in provisional prison, only one did not join the strike. This is one of the adolescents favored with a change of measure that is expected to reduce the tax request from 18 to 7 years.

“The prosecution witnesses who were policemen did not agree: one said that the confrontations were violent; another that they were moderately violent and one said that there was no violence compared to the thousands of protesters that were there”said a source close to a fifth defendant.

All the testimonials consulted by CiberCuba of those who witnessed the proceedings agree that the defense did an excellent job and that the incriminating evidence was inconclusive.

At the end of the last session this Friday, several family members were summoned verbally by the authorities at the exit of the Court to appear at the prison this Saturday with the aim of “talking” with officers. Those required said they did not know the motive and the subject of the conversation, nor could they specify which body of power summons them, and they fear being detained like the relatives of Andy Garcia Lorenzo in Santa Clara.

The trial of the 11J protesters in Holguín began this Tuesday, January 11, after 9 in the morning, one hour after the established time, due to the non-appearance of one of the accused who now has a search and arrest warrant. The sentences will be announced on February 11.

According to the Justice 11J working group on disappearances and arbitrary detentions, more than 220 legal proceedings in relation to the July anti-government protests have taken place throughout the country. Only this week around 70 Cubans were tried in at least four provinces of the country.

Despite the fact that it is unknown what the conclusions will be in terms of sentencing, it transpired through family members that the reduction of sentences for minors who add up to five in Holguín is expected. Regarding the situation of adults, the Prosecutor’s Office insists on sentences of up to 30 years in prison.

Camila Rodríguez, one of the Justice 11J activists, also announced that “as of today, ten of those accused of sedition in Holguín are planted.”

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