Prices Caution: how long will it last and what products does the deal include?

The national government today presented the new stage of the + Care Prices program, which includes a basket of 1,321 mass consumer products, which will be in effect annually with a quarterly review and monthly corrections.

Sources from the Ministry of Internal Trade specified that the products should be available by gondola starting tomorrow, and anticipated that the first audits will be carried out over the weekend.

The list of items, which will be marketed in the main retail and wholesale supermarket chains throughout the country, includes warehouse, cleaning, bookstore, perfumery, personal care and hygiene products, items for babies, pets, fresh, frozen and drinks, among others.

The first stage of the program, which will be implemented for the ninth consecutive year, includes an average monthly increase of 2% for all the items that make up the basket, and will be in effect until April 7.

According to what the Ministry of Internal Trade reported in a statement, the list includes “45 varieties of milk (long life, infant, flavored, fluid and powdered), 22 presentations of herbs, 6 molds, 24 types and disposable diaper sizes and 33 varieties of dry pasta packets. “

As specified by the Government in a statement, “audits will be carried out daily in establishments adhering to the program with teams of inspectors.”

“The National Interior Commerce Secretariat and the provincial secretariats will continue to monitor compliance with the program through inspections,” he said.

Unlike the price list that expired on January 7, which was designed unilaterally by the Secretariat, in this case it is an agreement between the National Government and more than 100 companies that produce mass consumer goods. (NA)

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