Press comments on Formula 1: “That may have saved Hamilton’s life”

Great Britain:

The Guardian: “The race at Monza was won by Daniel Ricciardo for McLaren, but it was the incident at the Rettifilo chicane at the end of the start-finish straight that determined the race. The two (Verstappen and Hamilton) had entered the two corners together. Verstappen tried to overtake but hit the curbs and was thrown onto Hamilton’s car. “

Daily Mail: “Fortunately, the ‘Halo’ headguard on Hamilton’s Mercedes was effective in protecting his head and possibly saving his life.”

The Sun: „Monza-Chaos“ („Monza Mayhem“)


Kronen Zeitung: “As in 2020, Monza was also good for a surprise this year. And again it was a spectacular GP. The two favorites Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton crashed out of the race completely unexpectedly. After that there was practically free rein for the Australian Daniel Ricciardo. At the end there was also a bang, with Valtteri Bottas taking third place. “

Kurier: “World Cup duel escalated: Monza crash between Hamilton and Verstappen”


Blick: “The super crash of the two title hunters!”

Tages-Anzeiger: “And suddenly the Red Bull is on the Mercedes”


Gazzetta dello Sport: “The duel between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is getting sharper. A war regardless of casualties that could make history like those great battles of the past between Senna and Prost. (…) We have longed for a duel like this for ages in order to return the oxygen to a sterile Formula 1 freed from spectacle. “

Tuttosport: “Verstappen-Hamilton in the style of Senna-Prost.”

Corriere della Sera: “The new Big Bang. (…) Max doesn’t seem to notice that he and not Hamilton is the big favorite for the title. Every time the other one lets the muscles play, he engages in a duel, just as if he had to clear the hierarchies once and for all in that one moment. (…) Hamilton’s tactic is clear: keep this duel open for as long as possible and benefit from the mental failures of the rival. And risk daring maneuvers that regularly encourage Verstappen to fight. “


El Periódico: “The Formula 1 World Championship is entering a very hot final phase: Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton declared war on each other in Monza.”

El Mundo: “The accident between Hamilton and Verstappen provided an unusual podium. Who would have thought that McLaren of all people would create the first one-two of the season? It is the team’s first triumph since 2012 in Brazil. McLaren and Ricciardo were resurrected in Monza. “

La Vanguardia: “For years Formula 1 had been waiting for a new historic duel between two drivers, as it used to be. Now there is finally a new fight between two monsters who hate each other: Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. “

AS: “New clash of the titans. This new accident increases the tension in the title fight to an unbelievable level. “

Marca: “Verstappen is the winner of a weekend where he had the most to lose. He extends his lead in the overall driver standings to five points. It’s practically nothing, but: Monza is not a Red Bull track, it’s a Mercedes track. “

Mundo Deportivo: “McLaren celebrated. But above all, the whole world will talk about an accident that intensifies a rivalry that can now reach historic proportions. “

Sport: “War between Verstappen and Hamilton. The Halo head protection prevented a tragedy. “

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