President of Peru threatens to remove state advertising from media that according to him misinform

The President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, threatened on Tuesday to leave without state advertising to the media that, in his opinion, misinform the population and misrepresent reality.

Castillo criticized the fact that several national media outlets broadcast videos of his recent visit to the southern city of Arequipa where some people insult, rebuke and demand his dismissal.

“I must condemn some nefarious attitudes of some media that have published that I was alone and that people asked for a vacancy, when it is not true”,
Castillo said while addressing the population on his visit Tuesday to the Chopcca peasant community, in the Andean region of Huancavelica.

For the president, these media ask that, “instead of giving water to the people, they be given a budget so that they speak well of the Government.”

“I am not going to allow myself to give a penny to those who distort reality, to those who do not want to see the people, to those who want to believe otherwise”,
Castillo added.

These controversial statements by the Peruvian president come just one day after the Minister of Energy and Mines, Eduardo González, declared that he would only serve journalists from the media who do not make problems for him.

It is not the first time that members of the Castillo Executive release controversial statements about the media,
as when the Minister of Transport and Communications, Juan Francisco Silva, regretted that the state channel TV Peru was critical of the Government.

To this is added the long period of the president without giving interviews, since he has not granted any since April, when he went to the second round of the presidential elections.

In his public interventions, the president also does not answer questions from journalists and limits himself to making statements without the option of reply.

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