President Biden: Extreme weather cost the US nearly $ 100 billion in 2020

This USDA Forest Service aerial photo shows the Dixie Fire on Horton Ridge in Plumas County, California.
Photo: Great Basin Team 1 Air Att Ops / US Forest Service via AP / dpa

Given the growing threat from hurricanes and forest fires, President Joe Biden warned it was “red alert for our nation.” If the US comes together, it will be possible to defeat climate change.

EAccording to US President Joe Biden, xtreme weather events caused record costs of 99 billion dollars (almost 84 billion euros) in the USA last year. “Unfortunately we will break that record this year,” said Biden on Monday during a visit to Sacramento, California. “Scientists have been warning us for years that extreme weather will become even more extreme. We are now experiencing it in real time. ”Previously, Biden had surveyed the devastating damage caused by the so-called Caldor fire on Lake Tahoe, California, from the air.

Biden again called for support for his plans to invest billions in infrastructure expansion so that the United States would be better prepared for climate change. “We have to think big,” said the President. Everything else is a “recipe for disaster”.

California was particularly hard hit

This year, fires in the USA devastated an area of ​​around 2.14 million hectares – a little more than the area of ​​Hesse. Well over a third of the burned area was in California. Biden said the fires were increasing in frequency and severity, signaling “red alert for our nation”.

Before his visit to California, Biden had visited the southern US state of Louisiana two weeks ago, where Hurricane “Ida” had wreaked havoc. Catastrophic flooding occurred in the northeastern United States as a result of the hurricane. Biden also paid a visit to this disaster area. He has made the fight against global warming one of his most important goals. Biden said on Monday: “We will make it. This nation will come together and we will defeat climate change. “

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