Predictions: California Governor Newsom remains in office

Dhe Democratic Governor of the US state of California, Gavin Newsom, has been projected to have successfully fended off a voting process. In a special vote on Tuesday, the majority of voters voted to keep Newsom as governor, as emerged on Wednesday night from consistent predictions by the television stations CNN, ABC and NBC.

A group of Republicans had launched the voting against Newsom. The 53-year-old was criticized by the conservative side, among other things, because of his liberal immigration policy and strict corona regulations. Several dozen opposing candidates ran to replace him as governor – none of them, however, a political heavyweight.

Democratic stronghold

California is a Democratic stronghold. If Newsom had actually lost his post prematurely and had he been replaced by a Republican, it would have been a sensation and a disaster for the Democratic Party. High-ranking party members up to US President Joe Biden had used their political weight to support Newsom in the election campaign.

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