Precious: Karol G’s sister captured all eyes with her beauty

Katherin Giraldo announced less than a week ago her engagement with her boyfriend Juan Pablo Agudelo Velasquez on social networks. “And I Marry You!” It was the happy announcement of the Colombian along with some photos where she showed off her brand new ring. For her part, her famous sister, Karol G she burst into tears on Instagram with a touching message dedicated to her fans.

“I just wanted to record this video to say that Colombia has always been very important to me. My career would not be what it is today if at home they had not given me the opportunity they gave me and they had not been as they were with me, before I looked for opportunities in other parts of the world ”. To this he added: “I hope that everyone who is watching this video will be motivated a lot. I swear to God, don’t think, ‘Oh, enjoy your 20.’ No, work hard at 20 to enjoy after 30. Work very hard, there are many opportunities and everyone can shine. Fulfilling dreams is a very nice thing ”he pointed out. Karol G on their Instagram stories.

A few hours ago, Katherin Giraldo He shared three photographs on his official Instagram account that conquered a large number of his thousands of followers. In it you can see the 28-year-old girl displaying all her beauty before the camera. The content creator and beauty entrepreneur wore a colorful minidress with various prints and transparent stilettos. The Latina complemented her look with her loose, straightened hair and a delicate make up.

“Nice Saturday!” was the short and cheerful text that he chose Giraldo epigraph to accompany his recent snapshots in the popular network of the camera.

Source: Instagram Katherin Giraldo

As expected this publication that has as its only protagonist the sister of Karol G it quickly received a large number of likes, easily surpassing the barrier of 1,450 hearts. In addition, the influencer received dozens of comments of praise and affection towards her look and her beautiful physical figure, from her most loyal followers.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram


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