Prank hopes up "cool day" at the anniversary

Bochum seems to be a good fit for his anniversary game: On Saturday, SC coach Christian Streich will sit on the bench for the 300th time in the Bundesliga. He’s hoping for a “cool day”.

Celebrating an anniversary in Bochum: Freiburg’s trainer Christian Streich.

imago images / Jan Huebner

Christian Streich was officially responsible for the sports club in the Bundesliga for 301 games. But since he missed two games at the beginning of the 2018/19 season due to back problems, the away game in Bochum (Saturday, 3:30 p.m.) is really number 300. “A few years ago, that would not have been considered realistic, in one place and one a club – a good, great club, “said Streich happily. Only five coaches have managed more Bundesliga games with a club, including former SC coach Volker Finke (340).

“I’m very grateful that I was allowed to do that,” said Streich, including his years as a youth coach for Freiburg. “Even if other people think that he’s been sitting on the kick court every Saturday for 44 years, that’s not entirely normal.” For him, football is his life and his work, and also “always exciting”.

Gladbach instead of a concert

However, he would have preferred a different date for the away game in M√∂nchengladbach next week than on Sunday evening. Because just for this day he had tickets for a concert by a “great guitarist” in Switzerland. “I was really annoyed about that,” admitted Streich, “but it just happens to be like that sometimes.”

But first of all, the Freiburg team will go to Bochum, and the SC coach is looking forward to that without reservation. “If we win it could be a cool day,” he said, referring to his anniversary. “It’s a great stadium, and I think Bochum against Freiburg as a Bundesliga game is good.” Because he also likes the club.

Beware of the threatening fairway

Nevertheless, he hopes that his team can conquer the defensive bulwark of Bochum, even if VfL “has consistently performed well, is really good in aggressiveness and duel behavior, and has almost always played to zero at home”. After two defeats in a row at Bayern and against Frankfurt, the Sport-Club are still in third place in the table “very well and that is super gratifying,” said Streich, “but we don’t want to get caught in a channel where we can talk about unfortunate developments in the game afterwards have to talk “.

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