Post-STEP Announcements: “This is a plan to win the elections in November”

After the economic announcements of the national government after the defeat of the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Obligatory (PASO), the Salta economist Julio Moreno, analyzed in Inform Skip TV, program led by Sebastián Quinteros and José Zambrano, the promulgated measures.

“This is a short-term plan to win the elections, the consequences will come later. So, generate the conditions of more of the same, generate this exacerbated consumption so that people are happySo that everyone knows that we are going to do it, this is what our president is doing right now, ”he said.

In this sense, he considered that plan 1 is to increase the income of all people, somehow generate some sense of reactivation of the economy. “Everything that was announced that is ultimately more of the same. This means higher inflation, in the medium term, because that money is going to come out of monetary issue, “he said.

Regarding the plan to reconvert the social plans, he opined that it is I pose more logical and serious which will take a little longer. “It is to start incentivize private activity to generate genuine jobs, lower taxes Which seems perfect to me, we all know that the tax pressure we have is tremendously great. So, fundamentally what you have to do is encourage private activity, generate new sources of work, They are asking from all sectors to generate jobs, genuine work to absorb people ”.

He also explained that this week there are two themes clear to see what the economy is doing. The first is a last month’s inflation of less than 3% and the presentation of the 2022 Budget. “There we are going to find out what is the objective or the economic, investment project that the government has for next year,” he said.

Finally, he made an analysis of what happens on the side of the opposition, which was the winner in most of the Argentine provinces. “They say that it is necessary that people have the useful vote. Here what was voted is to end inflation, with informal work, with plans that are bread for today, hunger for tomorrow. The helpful vote is to make the government understand that this plan does not work. People are learning to vote, which is important to take into account”, He concluded.

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