Positive. Diary of an HIV+ girl

Positive. Diary of an HIV+ girl is a book written by Ali Benjamin and Paige Rawl, from Editorial VR Editoras, which narrates the life of a young woman who was born with HIV.

Paige Rawl is a young woman who tells her story since before she was born, which began when her parents met.

Positive… is a book that tells the real story of a young American woman, who was born with HIV, who was detected the virus at three years of age, since then she periodically visits doctors to maintain a treatment that allows her to have a life as healthy as possible.

Positive. Diary of an HIV+ girl. EDITORIAL VR EDITORS.

His childhood passed with the unconditional support of his mother, who to this day has it and is a fundamental pillar in his life.

But Paige grew up, in his childhood he had no conflict, but when he reached adolescence the problems began, throughout this stage he faced the bullying, discrimination and prejudice against children of his age, adults and people without information on the subject, educational authorities who did not provide the support required in the situations he went through, or limits to avoid harm.

The harassment, bullying and teasing she suffered from her classmates led her to a stress treatment center, as a result of seizures, fainting spells, loneliness and the ingestion of pills, which was taken as a suicide attempt.

The title of more than 300 pages is divided into four parts, which contain different chapters named with the topic to be discussed., in which she describes in detail the situations she had to face, the emotions she felt in each of them, the people who supported her, the people who harmed her, and finally, how they were resolved. But also, through each one, she realized that she came out stronger, her character, what she wants to do, her strengths and weaknesses, she learned about herself, to know herself, to define the goals she wants to achieve, to make a community, find your place…

In one of the topics, he explains the virus and how he understands it to simplify what happens in his blood.

Attending a camp for young people with HIV made her feel like a normal girl, without giving explanations and with nothing that made her different from othersto rediscover herself.

Thanks to everything that has happened to him, he dared to tell his story to help others, at the end of the last topic entitled Go ahead there is the epilogue, the acknowledgments and invites the reader to help donate to two institutions that care for children with HIV, and explains what it means, what AIDS is, how it is transmitted, how it is NOT transmitted, statistics, treatments, consultation centers as well as what is bullying.

Paige has become an HIV educator and speaker, and began traveling, working with various organizations, to reduce stigma towards HIV / AIDS. His story and his work have been disseminated in magazines and newspapers, in this way, he inspires many people with his great courage and commitment, fighting against bullying.

Paige Rawl He learned to move on and decide to live a good life, and with his courage to shine his own light …



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