Positive, anti-COVID vaccination of minors: PI in La Laguna

The business sector considered it very positive that the application of vaccines for minors in the range of 12 to 17 years in Coahuila has been achieved.

Mariano Serna Muñoz, president of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco), considered the start of vaccination of minors in the Piedras Negras municipality as very good news and hoped that it could soon be achieved in Torreón as well. “It is very important, this contributes to the virus being able to finally stop,” he said.

He pointed out that, once the anti-COVID-19 vaccination process for the elderly is 100 percent compliant and a new period opens for all laggards, the trade sector will join the application for the corresponding certificate To their workers.

He recalled that the application of the second dose to people in the range of 30 to 39 years is pending, as well as ending with the first dose of those between 18 and 29 years old and then a second, but considered that the conclusion of the process is near of vaccination in Torreón. “Once the entire vaccination process is completed, the one who did not want to vaccinate was because they decided to do so, and there, yes, I would agree to request a vaccination certificate,” he said.

Guillermo Martínez, president of the Canirac and spokesman for the La Laguna Business Group (GEL), considered that the vaccination of minors is something correct on the part of the state of Coahuila.

“Children have a lower risk of the disease, but they also carry out their activities, so we see it very well, we would like this measure to be extended to other municipalities, to Torreón, we are in favor of everything that is for the general benefit, it is a good measure, “he commented.

For his part, the president of the Canacintra, Carlos González, said that they will be attentive to what experts indicate on the subject of vaccination of minors, but expressed his support for the determinations of the Health Subcommittee.

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