Pope Francis’ message to entrepreneurs: “You cannot live on subsidies”

Pope Francis recorded a message for the 57th IDEA Colloquium taking place this week. Before an audience mainly businessmen, the pontiff protested for the generation of employment and spoke about the culture of work. “You cannot live on subsidies, dignity comes from working”, said.

“Several times I have referred to the noble vocation of the entrepreneur who creatively seeks to produce wealth and diversify production, while making it possible to create jobs. Because I will not tire of referring to the dignity of work, what gives dignity is work. Those who do not have a job feel that something is missing, the dignity that work gives, that it anoints with dignity, ”said Francisco.

“Some have made me say things that I do not support. That I propose a life without effort or that I despise the culture of work. Imagine if that can be said of a descendant of Piedmontese who did not come to our country wanting to be supported but with an enormous desire to roll up their sleeves to build a future for their family. It’s funny, they didn’t put the money in the bank, the migrants, but rather bricks and land. The house, first, they looked forward, towards the family. Family investment ”, he added, giving a personal tone to his speech.

According to the Pope, “work expresses and fosters the dignity of the human being” since it “allows him to develop the capacities that God gave him. It helps you to build relationships of exchange and mutual help. It allows you to feel like a collaborator with God to care for and develop this world. It makes him feel useful to society and in solidarity with his loved ones, ”he said.

The Supreme Pontiff also spoke of the subsidies, which he described as “provisional aid.” “You cannot live on subsidies. Because the great objective is to provide diversified sources of work that allow everyone to build the future with effort and ingenuity, “said the Argentine pope.

Francisco also stressed the importance of creating diversified sources of work “so that different people find the right context to develop their own gifts, since not all have the same abilities and inclinations.” “Along this path, I believe that dialogue between employers and workers is not only essential but also fruitful and promising,” he concluded.

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