Pool season: allowing children to play with water brings them multiple benefits

In spring and summer play with water it is a way for children to be entertained, while helping them weather the heat and be physically active. In addition, it is economical, since there are swimming pools Inflatables for children from very affordable prices to larger ones, where adults can also be. Of course this is as long as we are concerned about maintaining security at all times.

And if you can’t swim in that small space, you can still watch the little ones while you practice some other sport, and so they exercise as a family. A weight set To improve endurance, for example, it is an option that would allow you to train without losing sight of the infants. And if you do not have a small pool, we tell you that the Cyber Monday, so you can wait until that date to take advantage of offers. Here are some advantages of playing with water.

1- They exercise the body

Playing with water or swimming can help children to stay active and have a healthy weight, something important considering that Chile is among the countries with the highest levels of overweight and obesity in the OECD, and that many have spent more than a year without doing it. exercise.

Swimming, specifically, has also been linked to a reduction in the risk of other chronic diseases, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and pathologies of the cardiorespiratory system. It can also improve breathing, points out Mireia Tomás, a graduate of the National Institute of Physical Education in Madrid and a member of the Clínica Opción Médica team, in the Spanish newspaper The world.

2- Stimulates your senses and imagination

Playing with elements of nature is a traditional way of stimulate the senses, creativity and curiosity of children, as they must use their imagination and ingenuity to create their own dynamics from scratch. All this learning is not always found in other more modern games, such as video games, where you lose, for example, the ability to touch the elements, feel them and build structures with your own hands instead of just looking at a screen.

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3- Develops movements and muscles

According to the psychopedagogue María José Roldán in the Spanish magazine Eres mama, “movements such as pouring, filling, dipping, splashing, mixing, spraying, squashing and squeezing are excellent ways to develop these skills (motor skills).”

If they are in a home pool that allows them to swim, you can also help build your muscles, says Mireia Tomás in El Mundo: “(Swimming) is an aerobic exercise that involves almost all the muscle groups of the body, which also work with resistance, water (…) It improves flexibility, exercises tone and reaffirms the body without harming the joints. In addition, it favors body coordination, since it involves the work of many muscles ”.

4- It serves as an educational method

Playing with water is not just about getting wet or swimming, you can also create specific games that help children learn. As proposed by the psychopedagogue María José Roldán in You are mom, manipulating this element can teach them math and science basics.

With containers of water, they can begin to understand concepts such as volume, capacity, and different sizes. They can also see how the earth is different when it gets wet, how water can change shape or how this liquid interacts with the wind, etc.

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