Polini: "We are the change to the Capitanich patoteros"

The candidate for national deputy of Chaco changes, Juan Carlos Polini, lamented the expressions of the mayor of General Pinedo “wishing the radicals death” at the end of a campaign event held in that town. In the same way, he made reference to the sayings of the communal chief of Margarita Belén Javier Martínez, who referred to the teachers as “unpresentable bulls.”

“The words of Mayor Ciucci are loaded with hatred and resentment, and that speaks more about him than others, it is no coincidence that the people of Pineda turned their backs on him at the polls on September 12, and in the elections of next September 14 November, the citizens will ratify the vote for those of us who represent the change, the Chaco people and the Argentines have decided to take a step towards the future, leaving behind this way of doing politics that has done so much damage to the province and the country ”, Polini said.

He also made reference to the statements of the mayor of Maragrita Belén, Javier Martínez, who described the teachers as “stupid and unpresentable.” Thus, he affirmed that “it is not an isolated event either, it is the manual of Kirchnerist authoritarianism, they did not listen to the message from the polls because they do not care to listen, every day it is clearer that we are the ones who represent the change to the Capitanich patoteros,” on November 14 the people will say enough to this way of doing politics ”.

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