Pokémon UNITE: Desséliande is coming, as is a new tournament mode – Pokémon UNITE

Since its release in July on Nintendo Switch, Pokémon UNITE has won over many players and the developers are very satisfied with their feedback and the involvement of the community, which has since seen MOBA reach mobile phones. In a post on the official website, Masaaki Hoshino, producer of the game, first explains that Pokémon UNITE would join the Pokémon World Championships in 2022, thus allowing the best teams to compete in a more official format.

Secondly, and to go with this announcement, it was clarified that the developers, namely Tencent Games, were working on a new tournament mode, which would have for objective ” smooth out the disparities between players, regardless of the rank of their held items “. No other details were given, but we will know more about this new mode, and its specificities, very soon.

The other important announcement related to Pokémon UNITE is the imminent arrival of a new fighter, who is none other than Dessert, Pokémon of the sixth generation. He will join the ranks of defenders and could be particularly useful to your team. A first preview is also available in the video below.

Pokémon UNITE is as a reminder available on Nintendo Switch and mobiles, but not on PC. You can find our tier list here.

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