Pochettino: “There is a special connection with Messi, we are both Newell’s fans”

The Argentine coach of Paris Saint Germain (PSG), Mauricio Pochettino, gave an exclusive interview to the official UEFA website, where he once again showed his love for the red and black jersey.

“The truth is that I never thought that bringing Messi to PSG was possible, but surely this was the case because everything happened too quickly and it takes a while to realize it. Afterwards, there is a special connection between him and me, because not only are we Argentines, but we are both Newell’s fans and our roots are in Rosario ”, he explained.

“Perhaps I am not the best person to describe Messi and surely there will be others who can do it as he deserves. What I can say is that Lionel will always be considered among the best in the world. And since he arrived in Paris he adapted very quickly and trained very well, trying to reach his highest level as soon as possible, “he said.

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