PlayStation 5 gets second major update on Wednesday; see all the news

All users will be able to expand the internal memory with an NVMe M.2 SSD from now on

Sony has just announced today (14) that it will launch this Wednesday the its second big update for the PlayStation 5, which adds several features to the console as support for storage expansion by SSD M.2 Nvme, more options of 3D audio e improvements to Remote Play. Check out the news in the video below:

This new update really brings a lot of new features to the PlayStation 5, so let’s try to go through them all and highlight the most important ones for the console user. Initially, it’s worth listing the changes made in the UI part, as from tomorrow, players will be able to customize Control Center commands with more freedom, moving or hiding the buttons you want. There are also changes in Game Base, as it is now possible to send messages to friends more conveniently via Game Base in Control Center.

Image: PlayStation.Blog

Still talking about the options with friends, you can now accept, decline and cancel friend requests, and you can even do this with multiple friend requests at once., if you don’t want to select one by one to accept, for example. You’ll also be able to see when your friends are online, offline or occupied by Game Base in full screen.

Still talking about the user interface changes, now in the game library and the Home Screen, you can see your games with a clear indication of what platform that game is., so you’ll know if it’s a PS5 or PS4 version that runs backwards in a much more practical way. Users too you can pause or resume Screen Reader by pressing PS+Triangle or pressing PS+R1 to have the reader repeat whatever it read.

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News also arrived for the part of Gaming e Social Experience from the console, such as adding a new Accolade called “Leader” that players can grant after an online match.

Another very interesting feature is the Automatic gameplay capture when you manage to reach a personal best. Users can control these clips in the Capture and Stream settings and share them directly from the Control Center challenge card.

Another big change from the update is in the support for 3D audio from TV speakers. As of the new update, this option can be activated in the PS5’s Sound menu, which will convert the standard audio into two channels for the TV speakers creating the sensation of a 3D sound. Previously the 3D audio feature was only available for headphones.

Image: PlayStation.Blog

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It is worth noting that there is also a tool that allows users measure the acoustics of the environment in which the console is installed from DualSense microphones to improve the technology’s effect on their space.

Finishing this part of the sound, who uses the Headset Pulse 3D will be able to access the equalizer settings in the Sound controls.

Another extremely important change is the fact that as of this update, all PS5 owners in the world will be able to use an NVMe M.2 SSD to expand the console’s memory. However, it is good to remember that Sony has already stated that the SSD needs to have the interface PCIe 4.0 x4 storage between 250GB and 4TB and recommended read speed of at least 5500MB/s not to have any problem with the games.

New features are also coming to the PlayStation 4, highlighting new trophy viewing features such as the ability to view your PS5 (or other users’) trophies on PS4.

Finally, several new features are coming for the PS App and PS Remote Play App. Starting on September 23, users will be able to watch the Shared Screen broadcasts with friends. Players can also set the quality of the video they want to view according to their Internet connection.

Image: PlayStation.Blog


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Via: PSX Brazil Source: PlayStation.Blog

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