players desert the game, Blizzard has a right to worry

This Tuesday, November 23, 2021, World of Warcraft officially blew out its 17 candles. A legendary MMORPG that has marked memories, the proof is with the enthusiasm aroused by the opening of the servers of World of Warcraft Classic and its Vanilla version of the game. Nonetheless, as the months go by, players leave the ship. A worrying situation which testifies to big problems.

players leave the ship

For several months, Activision Blizzard has been forced to respond to accusations of harassment, sexual assault and a toxic corporate culture. Following this earthquake-like complaint, departures have multiplied. To try to restore its image and make its games welcoming and inclusive video games experiences, There have been many changes made to Azeroth, changes that are difficult to achieve unanimity.

Nonetheless, Blizzard looks set to continue down this path, as gamers seem to increasingly desert the servers of World of Warcraft. To measure its extent, Bellular, an independent video game developer and content creator for World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, in particular looked at data collected by Raider.IO, a ranking site for Mythic + dungeons and progression in raids. A site that focuses more on the endgame part of the game, but which shares a sad trend with these latest patches.

And for good reason, as Bellular explains in a video of more than 17 minutes, the big players of World of Warcraft got tired of Shadowlands. Faced with the changes implemented by Blizzard, the controversial decisions of the studio and the lack of interest in the most difficult content, the servers are depopulated. An observation that is reminiscent of previous seasons, the number of players tending to decrease over the weeks. Only with the second season of Shadowlands, Blizzard has reached a sad record.

As the graphic above explains, after 16 weeks of play, while Season 4 of Battle for Azeroth faced a 45.9% drop in Mythic + runs per week and week 1 of Shadowlands an increase of 45.1% compared to the first week, season 2 of Shadowlands recorded a steep decline of 64.3%. Players are moving away from the endgame content of World of Warcraft. However, this trend is reflected in all areas of the game, not just the dungeons.

an overall decline

Thus, raids decrease by 55% in Shadowlands between the first boss killed and the last between the first and second season of the expansion. For Battle for Azeroth, the statistic was only 41%. A decline also found on the side of PvP, both on the side of European and North American servers with a smaller fall, but a fall all the same. What about active Blizzard users? Unfortunately for the American studio, since the third quarter of 2017, the number of active players is steadily declining.

Patch 9.1 of World of Warcraft hasn’t been popular among the big MMORPG players, a trend that shouldn’t be reversed with the game’s 9.1.5 patch, which unfortunately didn’t make any major changes. It remains to be seen whether patch 9.2, which will be major, will bring a breath of fresh air to an extension. Shadowlands who really needs it. World of Warcraft is gradually emptying its players, attracted in particular by the very good course of Final Fantasy XIV, which has rebounded despite a chaotic start. On your side, do you keep playing World of Warcraft regularly? Please feel free to respond to us via the survey below and the comments section.

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