Playboi Carti announces new songs on the way

On tour, Carti made more promises to fans

In September, Playboi Carti announced that he would be touring the United States for the last three months of this year, and announced that his new album “Narcissist” would be released on his 25th anniversary, on September 13th. Despite Carti’s expectations when releasing the album, he embarked on the “Narcissist” tour without releasing any new songs.

Between the fans breaking down the security gates in Houston, and the disrespect shown to Rico Nasty (who is opening the tour for Carti), of course, the rapper hasn’t had time to make new releases yet. However, on a recent break from touring, book told fans that new songs are on the way.

cover playboi cards

In a video posted by a fan, which captures the exact moment in the show when Carti clearly says, “I have more music coming out soon.”

While this update seems vague, and is coming from the artist himself, what “soon” means for Playboi Carti is an entirely different discussion.

“Soon” can mean tomorrow. “Soon” can mean six months of cryptographic tweets. After teasing “Whole Lotta Red” for years before actually releasing it, the latter alternative seems more reliable, but who knows?

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