Play and early stimulation for newborn babies

Since a baby is born we must provide all the tools for its development, it is the fathers and mothers who through games They can provide stimulation for their children to encourage movement at the same time.

Although it is also recommended to go little by little with early stimulation, the truth is that there are enough activities that you can vary to get to know the tastes of the sonsIf he is more sensitive to sounds or likes to see more images, the baby will determine with his smile.

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Before any manifestation of discomfort, then another type of stimulation must be preferred, and it is also necessary to emphasize that electronic screens, cell phones or television are not viable as a method of teaching and stimulation for babies.

Newborns can learn to imitate the faces of the mother or father, you can go by saying, “happy face” or “angry face” if they like or not an animal or sound, so it will be part of their first language.

When babies have not yet learned to communicate with words, crying will surely be one of their ways to tell you when something is wrong, so pay close attention to recognize the emotions and stimulate their language.

To strengthen the emotional bond Between parents and children it is necessary to establish their own language, when they are newborns you can do some games such as bicycles with their legs, moving them very gently and doing as if they were doing a tour of the mountain.

Games and early stimulation for newborn babies. Photo: PEXELS

The stimulation of the bicycle is very effective if the baby has some complications to evacuate or presents constipation, which is one of the most common reasons why the kids manifest through crying your discomfort.

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Massages stimulate the immune system and protect you from diseases, so you can give a whole day of spa at home with some essential oils in the atmosphere and relaxing music, either when you take your sunbath or after your afternoon shower.

The song is another of the great stimulants, whether for a fun day or to calm all thoughts, you can even create your own song, in the pure style of Siddhartha and Yuya, who became parents for the first time in recent days.

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A song that involves his name and the reasons why you love your baby will help him sleep and even be happy if you change the rhythm, all accompanied by rock it in your arms is a good combo for stimulate the baby and welcome you into your life.

You can also bring your hands to hers so that she stops from her and suddenly you will be surprised to see how with her little girl strength pulls you towards him, teach him how to clench his fists and open them and you can even say the parts of your body as you move them.

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