Pilgrims from Metán arrived and the Mercado San Miguel offered them a lunch

With emotion on the surface, the group of DAF pilgrims from San José de Metán made its I arrive today at the feet of the Lord and the Virgin of the Miracle. Last year they could not come and this 2021, despite the recommendations, they decided leave for the capital of Salta.

Upon arriving at the Cathedral, They couldn’t help but hide their joy and their eyes filled with tears. “We waited a long time to come, the trip was set up in 3 days, we are here and we cannot believe it. There is much to be thankful for, there is much to ask for, more than anything to thank because we are healthy and we are here. Thank God who gave us strength to be able to reach the Lord and the Virgin of the Miracle. Everything is done, you can’t ask for more anything ”, one of them said to Telefé Salta.

In the group also came a 69 year old pilgrim who assured that he will make a pilgrimage all his life. “Out of devotion we come to the Lord, out of love we do solidarity campaigns, faith is what brings us to them, increasingly united. Everything was not possible, they do not let them, they are not going to happen, we said yes, until they told us we could. I think we have to be with faith for the pandemic to end”, He expressed.

After the meeting with the Patron Saints, José “Pepe” Muratore, his family and the stalls of the San Miguel Market they received them with the lunch. There they prepared chicken with potatoes and rice, fruits, bread and soft drinks to help them regain strength.

Amalía, coordinator of the group of pilgrims from the southern province, said that this hike was very different from the others and prepared in a few days because of the obstacles they had to be able to arrive this year.

“After walking 5 days and sleeping 4 nights on the roadside, passing in front of our images has been the greatest blessing, the culmination of so much sacrifice. We have had a lot of wind, rain but nothing has stopped us. Now the Muratore family and the market welcome us to a new year with open arms and there are no words to thank for all that they offer us ”, he indicated.

In this sense, he stressed that now they only have to ask the Lord and Virgin of the Miracle to intervene so that the pandemic subsides. “Ask him for our humanity so that he can free us from this, which has taken so many people away from us before our time and there are still many sick people. So I beg the Lord of the Miracle to free us from all this ”.

In turn, the administrator of Mercado San Miguel, Pepe Muratore, recalled that for many years they began to receive pilgrims, this year they believed that they would not be able to do so but when they were told they were coming, they got down to work.

I told the stalls that they were coming, they put themselves to order and began to move and prepare this that happened. None of this could be done if the family is not with you, my lady who looks for you in the Cathedral, my children serving the table, this is everyone’s effort to receive these people who give us an example year after year and we have to take itThey are a demonstration of faith, of devotion and we have to imitate them because this country is the only way to move forward ”, he said.

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