Pier-Gabriel Lajoie on all fronts

2021 is probably the most productive year for Pier-Gabriel Lajoie. In addition to being one of the headliners of television series Chaos to VAT and The little kings on Tou.tv, he is touring this fall with Xavier Dolan, refining his first music video and continuing his modeling contracts. Press spoke to him.

Pier-Gabriel Lajoie recognizes it straight away, he’s lucky to shoot. “I am very happy to be able to work in these times of COVID-19, where it is not easy to find work, to continue to learn the trade on the sets and to develop myself”, explains the young man of 27 years. during a telephone interview.

After a postponement of filming, the project of Little kings finally materialized, before ending up on Tou.tv at the end of May. From the outset, the public noticed the skill with which the creators shattered stereotypes by imagining a heterosexual clothing designer and a homosexual hockey player, played by Lajoie. “I find it so refreshing! I was happy to see that we were slowly breaking down this barrier. “

When it comes to the fact that actors have for decades avoided playing gay or bisexual characters for fear that audiences will personally associate them with sexual diversity, the young actor candidly replies that he ignored it. “I don’t stop at the character’s sexual orientation when I get a script. “

I have an open-mindedness that prevents me from closing doors. It doesn’t scare me. I find it rather stimulating to learn more about the different facets of the human being and what stimulates him.

Pier-Gabriel Lajoie

The sexual orientation of his character, Julep, is far from taking up all the space, as we discover an ambitious athlete, crushed by performance anxiety and ready to do anything to achieve his ends. “Since he’s not the sharpest pencil in the box, he’s having a hard time being as much as he would like. His ideas of revenge run through pettiness, confrontation, and anger, but he quickly falls into the mercy of someone or something. He tries to struggle like a demon in holy water. “

On the side of Chaos, we can not only see him interpret Xavier (aka Doc Chill), a medical student who is trying to recover from the attack that occurred in the first episode, but also hear him sing. Indeed, Pier-Gabriel Lajoie has two pieces on the soundtrack, produced by Daniel Bélanger. An experience that thrills the young man, he who raps and works with friends beatmakers for a long time in the studio.

He has just shot his first music video, for his song In his Nike. “It’s a fully self-funded project and produced with a lot of ultra-talented friends, who agreed to get involved out of love and kindness of soul. It’s a great team of fire! “

“I drank his words”

While the music video will be released later this fall, audiences will be able to see the versatile artist again in 2022 in the television adaptation of the play written by Michel Marc Bouchard. The night Laurier Gaudreault woke up.

At this point, Lajoie can simply reveal that he is playing Laurier younger and participating in unveiling elements of the past. On the other hand, he is not shy about expressing how much his meeting with director Xavier Dolan marked him. “When we saw each other and he offered me the part, I drank his words and I didn’t drink a lot of water anymore!” I was delighted to meet him. Our discussions allowed me to discover a little more about him and his way of creating. I find it inspiring to watch it go. As I left, I threw my arms up to the sky, saying to myself: “See that it happens to me!” “

Before and during filming, the actor particularly appreciated the preparation time that Dolan offered to his team.

In general, for TV, we don’t have a lot of rehearsals, but with Xavier, we have meetings to watch the text, dig a little and rehearse for two hours after a fitting. These are some pretty precious moments in the process.

Pier-Gabriel Lajoie


In addition to playing and music, Lajoie continues her modeling career, especially with the Simons brand. “I have a really good relationship with his team. The stylist and artistic director of their photoshoot in Montreal, Axel, is definitely the one who taught me how to pose, how to hold myself and how to show off clothes. It’s kind of like my fashion mentor. It’s always a pleasure to see him again and shoot with them. “

Regardless of the discipline, the important thing for him is to continue to create and to meet people that will allow him to fulfill himself as an artist. “My biggest fear is finding myself with my feet in concrete. I do everything to stay on the move. Over time, I would like to work in Quebec and abroad. If I make the right choices, things will happen. “

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