Phrases that a strong woman should use to set limits

Many times life forces us to stop certain people who invade your personal space, so as you grow you realize that you have to set limits. Next I will talk to you about some phrases that will help you with this aspect, so be very attentive.

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I would like you to respect my decision

This is one of the most prominent phrases to put limits on a person who constantly criticizes your decisions. Remember you are a woman autonomous With the ability to manage his life however he pleases, he always defends your point of view.

I’m not disrespecting you, I’d like you to do the same

Surely more than once it has happened to you that people think about your life in a rude way and for no reason, which obviously annoys, that is why this phrase is the ideal one to make it clear that before all problems you are an educated person but who sets limits.

I understand that you want to count on me, but I can’t help you

Knowing how to say no is one of the virtues that very few people have, since this answer is sometimes interpreted as rude or cutting, ignore that, who wants to understand that good and who does not, goodbye, you are not a gold coin to please everyone.

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My needs are also important

You should never put the needs of others over yours, remember that no one else will see better for you, with this I am not telling you to deny help to those who need it, simply to be more selective when it comes to giving your gift. weather and effort.

My opinion deserves to be heard

Throughout your life you will run into people who will despise your opinions and they will put you aside, more, when they are more valuable than theirs, that is why you should always defend your words, your voice is important, so it deserves to be heard like the others.

I did not like this comment, I appreciate that you do not do it again

Everywhere you will meet the typical person who gives an opinion when nobody asked for it, causing annoyance and even fatigue among those who have to listen to his version. At the end, just conclude with this sentence, so in a polite way you will understand the message.

I would appreciate if you don’t question my reality again

When a person questions your reality, the best alternative is to ignore them, but always making it clear that your version of things is just as true and important as his, so in every situation that comes your way like this, end with these transparent words.

Phrases that a strong woman should use to set limits. Photo: pexels

These are some phrases that will help you establish limits in a situation as exhausting as those presented here, remember to keep calm and attack with tranquillityTalk about your emotional strength, you don’t have to wear yourself out with senseless anger.

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