Photos from the past of the new RCN presenter when she was a man

Last Monday, November 22, she was a guest on the program ‘Good morning Colombia’, by RCN, the washing machine Linda Yepes Agámez, who has a long career in national television and has worked in different media.

In 2014, she became the first trans woman to appear in a television newscast in the Caribbean region and the second in the country, thanks to the channel ‘TeleCaribe’.

“Being the first trans presenter, in a newscast, precisely in this one, filled me with pride and satisfaction, because it was something that I had been looking for a long time ago”, mentioned at the time.

His passage through the morning of RCN Channel It was to confirm that she would now be the new correspondent in Barranquilla, excited because one of her biggest dreams was precisely to be able to be on a national network.

“If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up! This is one of the many signs of God’s great love in my life, thanks to him who has filled me with confidence in myself and today he opens this door for me as an answer to my prayers. “, The communicator wrote on her Instagram account.

Yepes began to be part of the cast of the program presented by Mauricio Vélez, Violeta Bergonzi and Ana Karina Soto, from this Thursday, November 25.

The curiosity of the spectators has led them to look for her on their social networks, where she receives hundreds of compliments daily for her beauty and saves some memories of his past when he was a man and his name was Robin.

Screenshot. Photo: Instagram

Linda Yepes is a business administratorShe is 1.75 meters tall and has several admirers delighted with her curves.

Screenshot. Photo: Instagram

A few years ago in an interview for The Herald, She confessed that from a very young age she knew her preferences. “Since I was 14 years old I like men, but I had my girlfriends”, revealed in said medium. It was until 2015 when he underwent surgery on his vocal cords, to be able to mold his voice and make it more feminine.

Click to see the video. Photo: Instagram

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